Trick or Treat in Tennessee

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Trick or Treat in Tennessee

12 years of Trick or Treating

October 16th to 19th 2014

DuBose Conference Center

Monteagle Tennessee


East Tennessee MiniMakers, Winifred Holloway and Becky Lipscomb cordially invite you to a weekend of fun, friendship and miniature workshops. The cost is $300, all inclusive, seven home cooked meals and three nights lodging. $10.00 extra if you want to stay for Sunday morning breakfast before heading home.

On Thursday, the 16th we'll start with Natalie Harwood's complimentary workshop followed by supper in the dining hall. Then it's off to the chapel for round table workshops (anyone can teach one) and visiting and the first sales period.

Friday and Saturday are filled with half and full day workshops and three good meals each day. On Friday evening we'll trick or treat (in costume if you wish) in the lower hall of the dorm, and weather permitting, roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories by the bonfire. On Saturday evening we'll have our dessert and sherbert punch in the chapel and have our last sales period.

During the days we'll have our raffle for wonderful prizes brought by our generous guests and teachers and also have super table favors at each meal!

Our special gift this year is a half scale piece of furniture by Scarlett Frayser, Scarlett and Gary have some health issues that are keeping them near home but they are still at Monteagle each year in our hearts.

Our first floor rooms are very limited and fill quickly so if you require no steps let me know and we'll try to arrange something. We have a waiting list every year for those rooms.

100% of our raffle sales support the Christian Applachisn Projects's Hungry Kids Fund, providing meals when no school breakfasts and lunches are provided.....summer vacation, school holidays, weekends. Last year we sent $2000 to this worthy cause.


You may start making payments any time and send class selections in too. We plan ahead so as soon as you decide to come please let us know. Also please feel free to share this invitation with your friends and club members.

Email me with any questions or telephone (423) 899-2444. Send deposits to East Tennessee MiniMakers 1910 Bella vista Dr Chattanooga TN 37421. Payment in full is due by October when we have to pay the conference center.


If the Teacher's Name is in RED, then they have sent a picture of their class, which can be found on the "class pictures" page.

Friday all day classes:


Winifred Holloway 1" scale Winter Wonderland Girl doll

Cat Wingler 1/4" carousel

Penny Champion 1" scale or 1/2" scale The Door to Halloween


morning classes:


Judi Smith 1" Victorian Crazy Quilt

Marcia Beardsley 1" Wagon Wheel Landscape

Jan McCandliss 1/4" Cupboard of Canned Goods

Becky Lipscomb 1/4" scrubby holder scenes French Chef or Tropical Fish


afternoon classes:


Jan Sylsberry 1/4" The Skeleton's Ball

Peggy Fowler 1/4" Trick or Treat House

Jan McCandliss 1/4" Bakery Structure

Beth Hamilton 1" scale or smaller if you want assorted foods

Saturday all day classes:


Shirley Tague 1" scale orchids

Renee' Derra 1" scale painting or half day if you want

Beth Hamilton 1/4" Patio Setting


morning classes:


Rachel Bonney 1" scale Hobo trick or treater

Winifred Holloway tiny scale spice tin outdoor scene

Jan Sylsberry 1/4 inch repeat of Friday's class

Becky Lipscomb 1/4" wine box cafe/ kitchen


afternoon classes:


Rachel Bonney 1" scale Christmas (or otherwise) elf

Debbie Love 1/2" soda shoppe in a tin

Jan McCandliss 1/4" scale Bakery Furniture and Stock

Judy Lewis 1/4" Cottage in the Forest

Cat Wingler 1/4" scale spooky graveyard