Trick or Treat in Tennessee

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Trick or Treat in Tennessee 2015

Whoooooo’s Coming to Monteagle?

October 15–18


You are cordially invited to a wonderful workshop weekend this coming autumn. We will gather for our 13th (HOW SPOOKY!) year at DuBose Conference Center in Monteagle, Tennessee. On Thursday afternoon, we’ll be welcoming you in the foyer of the conference center and then you may attend a complimentary class for a Whoooo—ping good time…doing something with owls and your creative spirit. 5 o’clock finds us in the dining hall enjoying good food and friendship and receiving a special gift made by Debbie Wilkins of North Carolina. After dinner we’ll meet in the chapel for roundtable workshops and our first sales period.

Friday and Saturday are filled with half and whole day workshops, a raffle for the Christian Appalachian Project’s Hungry Kids Fund, little favors and gifts at every meal and trick or treating on Friday evening. We usually have a bonfire and storytelling on Friday evening but last year we couldn’t because of yellowjackets—so we roasted our marshmallows in the chapel and told stories there. On Saturday evening we have our dessert and Dreamsicle punch in the chapel and some of us say goodbye then.

All of your meals, room, and gifts cost $300. If you stay for Sunday breakfast it’s an extra $10. We have over 20 classes at an extra cost. Anyone may teach a roundtable on Thursday evening…just bring your kits and a smile. We have very limited first floor rooms so if you really, really need one let me know. We usually have a waiting list for those rooms. Single rooms are available but they cost an extra $60, not per night but for the entire weekend. Costume if you wish on Friday evening and bring a bag of candy to share. We would love to share this lovely time of year and our special event with you. Register early. Make monthly payments along as you can. Bring a friend. We’re planning a hooting good time for one and all. Any question? Call Winifred Holloway or Becky Lipscomb (423) 899-2444 or email or write us at East Tennessee Mini Makers, 1910 Bella Vista Dr., Chattanooga, TN 37421.