Trick or Treat in Tennessee
October 18 - 21,  2018

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Santa Claus with a Sleigh and Rudolph

Cat Wingler             $60      ¼"

Everyone's favorite jolly Santa will be dressed to your delight. His sleigh will be filled with things for good boys and girls and Rudolph is ready to lead the way to Christmas. (elf not included... see Cat's other class)

Mrs. Santa's Christmas Cookie Kitchen

Cat Wingler                 $125    ¼"
So this is why Santa is so chubby. Build a one-room-with-loft cottage where Mrs. Claus does her best to make delicious goodies. Can also be adapted to make a witch's kitchen—but the goodies wouldn't be as good! 


Merlin's Magical Secret Room

Marti Icenogle $35      ¼"

A perfectly magical way to spend a Saturday morning is making a small scene in a Book entitled "Merlin's Magical Secrets." Since there isn't really such a book you will make it and include flooring paper stone walls, and furnishing (shelves, workbench, fireplace). Accessory kits to further furnish the room will be available for purchase

Mrs. Santa and 2 Elves

Cat Wingler           $50      ¼"

This class is a perfect companion to Mrs. Santa's cookie kitchen. The elves are helping by tasting, licking spoons, and generally making a mess.

Night Before Christmas Storybook

Donna Blair                

$50      ¼"

In this class, students will take a Little Golden Book with “The Night Before Christmas” story and use it to make a charming scene on a base of the same theme. Bring a basic tool kit.

Silver Clay Frame and Tray

Marti Icenogle  $45      1"

Come and add some sparkle to your miniature scenes. Make a silver tray and a picture frame, learning techniques of working with metal clay. Your pieces will be fired for permanence and beauty.

Merfamily of Four

Jan Sylsberry               $40      ¼"

Come and play, dressing, wigging, and making tails for a merfamily of four. Wire bodies will be pre-made for you. It will be oceans of fun. Meet again on Saturday to build a domicile for this salty family!

Under The Sea Domicile

Jan Sylsberry               $60      ¼"

All good merfamilies need a place to play and this is a perfect place. Students will build with coral and greenery and driftwood. You'll have shell furniture and 3D sea creatures to arrange but your base will be finished and the dome to protect is furnished.

Trick or Treat Porch

Cindy McDaniel         $45      ¼"

The moon is full and an eerie, cool breeze wafts through the neighborhood. This little porch is decorated to welcome pint-size guests of the scary and/or fun variety. Bring a basic tool kit.

Glitter Gingerbread Cottage

Abby Vukovich  *pic*         $40      ¼"

Add some glitter to your Christmas scene with this 2-room Christmas cottage, ready for you to fill with toys or sweets for a Christmas family. See photos to appreciate! Bring paint brushes, X-acto knife, glue, and your imagination.

Beach Cottage

Charlotte Zwergoron *pic*  $25      ¼"

Come celebrate the 4th of July at the beach. Reserve this cunning cottage for the week and learn paper crafting techniques. There is a bedroom loft for the children and plenty of sunshine to brighten your days.

There is a raised floor that the cottage sits over so that the cottage frame can be lifted off and furnishings added to either the walls or the floor.
This  project can be completed comfortably in the allowed time.  In class, we will do most of the additions to the outside.  Included will be a beach blanket, picnic basket, and beach umbrella by the porch ready to go to see the 4th of July fireworks


Bottlebrush Snowman

Marcia Beardsley        $25      1"

Mr. Snowman will be given a hat and shoes. Bring basic tool kit.

Shabby Chic Plant Stand

Marcia Beardsley  *pic*      $40      1"

There will be Christmas 'stuff' on top of the plant stand. Bring basic tool kit.

Holiday Tables

Jan McCandliss           $35   

  ¼" scale

Select a holiday—Easter, July 4th, Halloween, or Christmas—and fill an adult and a children's table with food and decorations. 10 kits available for each holiday.

Easter tables  pictured


Pam Rummel               $35

  All scales

Precious figures made from pins, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and Wise men